quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

History of a warrior
With few opportunities in sports some northeastern athletes need to leave their homes and their families to chase a dream. So it was with the black belt in jiu-jitsu, Eduardo Queseno, Born in the Jordan neighborhood in Recife based in Rio de Janeiro for over 12 years, he is back to his homeland to play in the Pernambuco championship that will take place on 23 and July 24. During his time off Pernambuco athlete he lived also in Europe where he taught jujitsu.
 Eduardo Queseno, do not forget the support he received from his first master Antonio Sacramento who started their training still in Recife and motivated to follow in fighting career. So where can the fighter participates in projects that can the opportunity to new talents.
 In 2014 it came when youre family, Queseno had the opportunity to teach in Jaboatão dos Guararapes in UR 06 by the project Turbo Fight Team, a project aimed at the opportunity to disadvantaged youth and discovering new talent.
 It was through the Sacramento Master Eduardo ended up in Rio de Janeiro where he had the opportunity to be part of teams of the great masters of jiu-jitsu as Ismail Ismail, André Mendes, Moacir Boca, Leonardo Specterow and Ricardo de La Riva by whom was degree black belt in 2013, among his teachers is also the pernambucano Jailson da Silva, who is responsible for the fighter's preparation for the championship pernambucano.
Between victories, defeats and victories, Eduardo Queseno learned an important lesson from their masters' never give up the jujitsu "so in September the athlete still dispute the Carioca championship where you want to get out of there with good results.

By: Andrea Araujo

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